Saturday, October 30, 2010

So much to do, so little time......

So I'll be brief. Severals load of laundry out on the line, several through dryer, cleaning porch, clearing and scrubbing pantry, grocery shopping, 4 batches of dough for stromboli, a huge batch of molasses cookies cut out, baked and now waiting to be decorated, a 5th Sunday dinner at church to help with and sleep somewhere in there. So......quickly: several of the children ended up dressed up tonight: two for a party - Nathan, a bouncer, Garrett, an m&m; several for trick or treating: two fairies, a pirate, a bow hunter, a knight and a baby m&m. All are sleeping now. I'm off to the cookies, cleaning a little in the kitchen, making sure there are cleaned and pressed clothes for church, then bed!!
Good night.

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