Thursday, October 14, 2010

This past June, Samuel and I took a trip down to Florida to visit my father and stepmother.

He was a great little traveler on the way down.
I think we giggled the whole way!

He posed for a photo session in front of a swamp. (Looked for alligators almost every day we were there - nothin'!

We did, however, make the acquaintance of the these rather large birds, sandhill cranes, who apparently believe they are in charge. I didn't argue.

And this speedy character who slowed down just enough to snap this right outside the house.

But the best part was snuggling with Grandpa................

..........and Mammaw! (well, and Xena, too, although she didn't seem to appreciate our visit as much!)

Then it was time to say goodbye.......

And get on the plane back home..... "no photos, please!"

Well, maybe just one!

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