Friday, October 29, 2010

21 Things About Samuel

I saw this over on another blog - - and thought it was a wonderful idea!

1. Samuel was a "surprise" baby - a very welcome surprise.
2. Samuel and I were both born on the 13th day of a month - August (Sam) & September (me)
3. Samuel is presently in the habit of greeting people by pulling his shirt up and patting his belly for them to notice. (?)
4. Samuel is an escape artist - gates? so what? stairs? big deal! his bed? no challenge whatsoever. closed doors? he's getting close!
5. Samuel "sings" himself to sleep.
6. Samuel has 5 sisters and 5 brothers and rules the roost!
7. Samuel loves it when his big brother Nathan tosses him around. (Mama isn't so thrilled)
8. I'm pretty certain I was the first person to know that Sam had ds, when I looked down and he turned his face to me as he was being born.
9. God has always known that He would create Samuel and that Samuel was designed according to His perfect plan.
10. Samuel is a very popular young man at our church, before he could walk he would be passed around from arms to arms. Now they have to catch him.
11. Samuel loves books and paper.
12. Samuel never really crawled - he scooted around on his tush with one leg out and one leg crossed under him - and he was FAST!
13. As a newborn in the hospital, with patches over his eyes (he was under the bili lights) he could "rootch" from one end of the crib to another. He had pretty good muscle tone from the start. He also kept managing to reach up and remove the taped on patches from over his eyes. They kept having to come up with new versions.
14. As evidenced by #13 - Samuel is a very determined young man.
15.Samuel's first sign was "all done", followed by "more".
16. Samuel loves the song "Jesus Loves Me." He know some of the signs in the chorus and has recently started making muscles for the "He is strong" part.
17. Almost as soon as he could sit up (around 6-7 months) Sam would roll a ball back and forth with someone.
18. When he "prays" he grabs both little hands, tilts his chin downward, and whispers little "s" sounds. When he hears "in Jesus' Name", his head comes up, he smiles and waits for the "amen" then cheers.
19. He loves to dance, always looking around to make sure his performance is being properly appreciated.
20. Often, when he wakes up in the morning, or after nap time, he will say "bed, bed, bed" and point to my bed. So we climb in and cover up and snuggle (usually with brother Braedan) and giggle!
21. Samuel's smile lights up my heart!

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