Sunday, October 10, 2010

One of the things I have noticed that Samuel having DS makes a difference to me is that I take him more seriously. Let me explain. I'm a pretty easy going mama, even with the first one. My children don't get rushed to the doctor at the first sniffle (fortunately they've all been very healthy), if they seemed a little extra tired or grumpy, I'd keep an eye on them, but figured it would soon pass, if, as toddlers, they didn't want to eat a lot one day, I knew they'd make up for it the next day or so. It's different with Samuel. He isn't the greatest eater and I am a little more worried. His weight is fine, his activity level is high, he sleeps well. So overall, he seems fine. I just keep thinking about all the nutrients necessary for optimal brain development. I'm thinking about supplements for him, something we've never really done. I'd just like to give him every "boost" I can. I'm not sure where to start. I know there are some supplements that are marketed to those with DS, but I'm afraid of over supplementing. What to do?

Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous. Most of the family spent some portion of it outside. Not me. I spent most of it in bed. Some sort of stomach, head, all over body ache thing. I can't remember the last time I spent most of a day in bed. Not even after a C-section. It was kind of nice, actually. In fact, I plan on returning there pretty shortly. I'm reading Sproul'l "The Holiness of God." I'm not a big highlighter, but there are some sections that I keep reading over and over. I have a pile of good books to read. Good for the winter weather coming up. I also finished a dishcloth and saw a new crochet pattern to try. Time to be thinking about Christmas gifts.

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