Monday, October 18, 2010

Almost forgot to do this!

My sweet little boy, who has almost always been so adorable and obedient at bed time, has lately decided to show another side of his character! He can hike himself up and over the side of his bed pretty easily when he wants to! So tonight, after I tucked him in, I listened over the monitor and could tell he was escaping. So I stood at the bottom of the stairs and waited. He came tip-toeing out the door of the bedroom, I called up, "get back in that bed, mister!" and the next thing I saw was his little feet up in the air as he went over backwards in surprise!!! Another trip back upstairs, another tuck-in, with a warning to stay put, a few minutes of tears, and then he started talking himself to sleep. He has had few of the muscle tone issues that children with ds can have, so he has little difficulty getting into - or out of - almost anything he cares to. It can be frustrating, but also relieving, along with a little amusing!!

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