Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well, so much for not missing another day. I had car problems late last night, and didn't even think about doing this. 
I got to spend some one-on-one alone time with my favorite three-year-old today. Most of the family was at the livestock auction this afternoon, including six-year-old Braedan (thanks, Shelbi) so it was just Samuel and I. He's really good company. Until he passed out. Then it was just me for a little bit. Confession time........ I LIKED it! I've always been a need my own space from time to time kind of person. And my own space can be hard to find in a large family. Hence staying up too late at night, then being miserable in the morning. But it was just me (and about 100 chores that needed to be done) and I could walk without bumping into or tripping over someone, or have someone ask me questions when my head is stuck in my washing machine (I have a front loader and often have to lean in and get the last bits of laundry out), or shoes to be tied or someone else's agenda that needs to come first. Of course, I was glad when everyone got home (Okay, okay, I could have used another hour or so!). And now they're mostly in bed and I'm finishing some odds and ends. 
My mother is flying in tomorrow night! I am so excited for her visit. Hoping the youngest are on their best behavior, of course. And very curious to see what she thinks about Sam. That's another thing that I handle differently because of Sam's ds - I watch people's reactions to him much more closely. I don't think I mind when they notice delays, or the "down's" facial characteristics, and so on. What I mind is when they seem to feel sorry for me. There is NOTHING here to feel sorry about........ in fact..... everyone else should feel a little let down that they don't have the cutie pie that I do! But we share.... as long as we get him back!

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