Sunday, October 2, 2011


It was wet. It was muddy. It was chilly. It was a blast!!!! And there are NO photos!!!! My camera, as previously mentioned, is missing the memory card, and Miss M -usually very reliable in the camera department - forgot hers, but we had a great time. And I need to check to Times Leader paper tomorrow, because a photographer got a shot of Sam and me (no makeup, undone, damp hair - me, not Sam!) and took our names and said to check the paper! We were Team Sam-I-Am, and are considering becoming Team Pork Chop for next year. (M's favorite name for Samuel) There were 6 of my children, a girlfriend, and four family friends with us, giggling in the wet. Sam led us on with cries of "ready, set, GOOOOOO", well, the "set, GOOOOOO" part at least, we're still working on the ready.
It's really....... I'm not sure what word I'm looking for...... maybe comforting? exciting? to be around so many other families who have been blessed with a loved one with DS. Guess what? I have to say that we all looked pretty normal! And fairly happy! I know that we in particular have been very blessed in the fact that Sam has been SO healthy thus far, and his development in many areas has been generally average (except for speech.......... still working very hard on that. But he has always been able to get his point across!!!!) But I saw so many smiling faces today, lots of loving, accepting. Maybe the diagnosis of down syndrome to new parents should be offered by families who are already walking that road. There's so much more to someone than a chromosomal (is that a word?!) diagnosis. Samuel is not a "down syndrome child." He is a mischievous three-year-old, with a FANTASTIC smile, a wicked chuckle, more determination than a lot of people I know, a curiosity that keeps me constantly on the watch, a sympathetic spirit who will pat your shoulder and snuggle with a downcast sibling, a book lover, an absolute charmer, a complete ham, he's already a Lego fan, a music lover (his favorite go-to-sleep tune is Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing), and so much more than what little information we were given at his birth. I remember his pediatrician agreeing with our choice to circumcise Samuel and telling us that it was a good idea because he "would always be, you know, like a little baby," and would be able to take care of an uncircumcised little self. Fine motor skills have never been an issue with this little guy. We're working on the potty training, and it's ME not Samuel who's been dragging our feet. Sam usually has one speed: FULL speed!!! He excites me, he makes me laugh, he stuns me with some of what he comes up with..... very much like the other 10 children. And, very much like the other 10 children, he is his own person. With the extra cute chromosome! Fearfully and wonderfully made!! And, I WILL get some photos up..... hopefully tomorrow or so!!

And before I go, Sam knows a sweet little girl named Amber who had to cut short a visit with her grandparents because of health issues. She could use some prayers!! I'm so grateful for a God who hears!!

I love the Lord, because He hears my voice and my supplications. Psalm 116:1

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